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Here you will Learn the main differences, variations, and options on DMX USB Open and Closed source hardware and software mainly used for LED and Lighting DMX control. At this point you may be wondering: What is DMX?

In the market today there are many different types of DMX USB control interfaces used for professional lighting jobs, and you may be wondering which one is the right choice for you. There is a vast selection on makes, features, prices and physical qualities. Many of these products can be found online and seem promising, but how can you know for sure that you are making a wise selection on the right interface?

Let’s start off by identifying the different types of DMX USB interfaces so that we can be better informed to make an educated decision. There are two main types of interfaces: Open Source DMX and Closed Source DMX interfaces.

  • The Open Source DMX USB interfaces have the capability to be compatible with open source DMX software, which allows you to use the interface with different types of DMX programs, and you are not limited to just one type of software. The drawbacks to this option is that you might have to do a little bit more of configuration when it comes to setting up the interface with the program to have a successful connection.
  • The Closed Source DMX USB interfaces are limited to closed source software, which means those interfaces are only compatible with one specific software which the interface was specifically designed for. The benefits of this option are that there generally isn’t any need to set anything up making it an easy plug and play option.

Open Source DMX Hardware: There is a vast variety of options in today’s market for Open Source DMX Hardware interfaces, but the best options are those interfaces that include micro-processors. “Open source” DMX Interfaces allow you to use a vast range of softwares. Below you may find a few available options.

Enttec DMX USB Pro 70304, 1 Universe Lighting Interface: The Enttec 70304 DMX USB Pro is the industry standard interface for connecting PCs and MACs to DMX512 lighting networks. It is compatible with the broadest range of Commercial and Free software supporting our DMX USB Pro API. Thousands of lighting professionals worldwide used the Pro on some of the most creative lighting shows.

Enttec DMX USB Pro 70304, 1 Universe Lighting Interface
Chromateq Club 512 USB DMX

Chromateq Club 512 USB DMX Stand Alone Lighting Controller: CLUB 512 is a new professional package designed for entry-level budgets and users looking for an easy-to-use USB to DMX controller. Attractively priced for tight budgets, small projects, DMX system testing, and promotional packages. Newly designed aluminum housing with a beautiful finish and updated electronics that work with all the latest 2022 Chromateq software (as well as older versions of LED Player and Pro DMX). Capable of 3 trigger options and equipped with DC 5-18V input, this USB to DMX interface includes an infrared remote control in the package. It is the perfect hardware for easy integration projects.

Chromateq Club 512 USB DMX

You can find more available options in this link, similar to the images shown below.

DMX USB Products

Open Source DMX Software: In today’s ever changing market there are many different types of “Open Source” software available. All of them may allow you to do many different things but which are the most popular today? Open source software allow you to use different types of open source DMX USB interfaces so you can have whatever combination you may desire of DMX software and hardware. Below is one example of the most popular software available.

Madrix software brings powerful yet relatively user friendly LED lighting solutions based on their innovative software that they have provided to the lighting market. Madrix is a unique LED Lighting controller software that provides real-time effects. You can create outstanding visuals that can be created either with pixel mapping and the built-in graphics and render engine. Madrix supports many well known industry standards such as DMX512, DVI, Art-Net, Streaming, ACN. etc.. If you would like to learn more about Madrix software click our link here that will directly follow you to our Madrix software page.

DMX Software

DMX Hardware/Software Bundle Packs: In today’s market, there are many different bundle packs that include both the hardware being the DMX interface, and the software being the DMX program for your computer. Below are some of the available options.

Chromateq: offers a budget-friendly and intuitive solution for lighting projects of all kinds. Our lighting control software is available for free download, while the Chromateq hardware device unlocks advanced programming capabilities, seamlessly converting any computer into a robust lighting control center and DMX console.

Chromateq Products

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